Damn Son II

Here’s my second EP as Damn Son, my electronic alter ego. This is similar to the first EP, using a lot of found sounds, samples and general hitting of things to get an old school sampled effect, but with the same distinctive 6/8 timing. Also I’ve sped this one up a bit and focused a bit more on the rhythm to give it a bit more of a dancey feel. I’m proud of this one, so give it a good listen.


Say You Will

As promised here is a new Universal Son track to go with the new section of the book I’m working on.
In other news I have set up a netlabel with Greg which will largely be geared towards electronic and experimental music, with the releases limited to singles and EPs. We’re also planning on doing a tape or CD release at the end of the year. If you feel you have anything that would fit into the ethos of what we’re about do drop us a line – all the relevant info is available on our website:

Burn your bridges

I’ve had a few conversations with Greg (my long term musical collaborator) recently related to why we never get anywhere with our music. The conclusion is generally not that the music was bad but that we didn’t stick with it enough, often getting bored of one project to then skip onto something else. I think it’s good to have a look at the things you’ve created in the past, particularly as a music maker. With that in mind I’ve been thinking for a while about posting up some of my favourite older stuff, much of which never saw the light of day. Although it feels a little narcissistic, it’s a useful exercise to look at what you’ve done in the past now you can see it objectively, and provides a nice little window back to what you were doing at the time.

Under that proviso, here’s ‘Burn your bridges’, pretty much the first completed thing I did on my own. It went through quite a number of different versions, but I think the original here was the best. I sent this out as a demo and got a few responses from labels. A release never materialised (see earlier comment about not sticking with things) but at the time did give me the idea that it was possible to have a career in music. Perhaps I should be bitter about that now, but this song will always be important to me because it gave me enough self confidence to give it a go.

I’ll be posting a lot more of these over the next few months as I’ve been trawling through old back up disks and found quite a few things I’d forgotten about; alongside tracks from the second Universal Son album that has been sitting on my hard drive for the last 6 months and really deserves an airing; so watch this space.

Damn Son


I’ve been working on a new project recently that I’m calling ‘Damn Son’. It’s electronic and based more on drum n’ bass and dubstep than my usual songwriting mould. I’ve been wanting to write something for a while that was a bit more dance music, though I’m not sure how you’d actually dance to this. I’m really pleased with it and will be writing more stuff like this that I’ll be periodically airing probably in a similar four song EP format.

I’m also sitting on the second Universal Son album which sadly isn’t getting a tape release as planned – I will probably shove it up on bandcamp soon so people can listen to it.

New Album

I’ve nearly finished the second Universal Son album for upcoming release on Drone Warfare. Unfortunately my laptop died while I was ¬†doing the final mixes so its been a bit of a ballache to get them loaded up onto a new laptop and get it finished off, largely because a lot of my software is very out of date. The plan is to release it in conjunction with Cassette Store day which is some time in September.

Graphic novel wise, i’ve largely decided to go back to the drawing board with it, and have written a new complete script for the entire thing (as opposed to writing and drawing chapters at a time) so whilst it may look like i’ve been idle, things are still ticking along nicely.


Universal Son – on cassette released by Drone Warfare!!

Finished tape photos

That’s right – cassettes are the new MP3s, which is why Universal son’s first official release will be in the new cutting edge format. It is available from Drone Warfare – get it here with complementary free download (if you insist on living in the dark ages), with lovely artwork as above, which to be frank, i’m rather proud of: