Modern Waltzes

Creative work has been slow this year largely due to moving out of London and getting set up in our new home. However, I haven’t been completely idle – I’ve been taking a bit of a break from Universal Son to work on something a bit different. I’m calling it Modern Waltzes and its mainly a music project at the moment – songs I’ve had knocking about for a while along with some new ones, all with a more folksy leaning. I have a tendency to write songs in 3/4 time without thinking about it much, hence the waltz reference, so I thought I’d explore this a bit further, perhaps with further reference to the dance in the graphic side.

I do have in mind to create some graphics/short stories to go with theses songs, though to be honest I’ve not got very far with that side of it. For one I want to do something in colour and this is a new thing for me. The picture below uses inks. Also writing short stories is a lot harder, in my limited experience, than writing long ones. Anyway, here’s a taster:

Let me go down
Strange Day

More Universal Son to come, well not exactly soon, but I am working on it…


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