Universal Son first birthday

Well after a year I’ve completed 29 pages, if you include the dividers, and produced 5 songs to go with each chapter. doesn’t seem like too bad an achievment seeing as I do it in my spare time, though I wrote out a synopsis for the book on two sides of A4 recently and what i’ve achieved so far only ammounted to the first paragraph of text – about five lines.

So, another couple of pages and a song are currently in progress after a bit of a hiatus. It hasn’t been much of a break – what with trying to sell the flat, getting shingles and then falling off the top of a ladder (though I must say i’m counting my lucky chickens when I consider what could have happened falling down my parents stairwell from the loft) its not too surprising i’ve found it a bit of a struggle to get back into writing. Still, slowly but surely its getting done.

I’m basically always thinking about it one way or another, so the fact that it gets done pretty slowly will probably help the rest of the book to be better, as I think over the various themes and ideas that need to go in and how best express them. I recently sent it out to a couple of publishers, one of which commented on it being rather ambitious – which as a rejection really isn’t a bad comment, I don’t think.


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