Two – nearly ready

A little behind schedule i’ve finished all the drawing and inking for the next section, so i’m hoping to get it up by the end of December, if not before. I’ve been thinking for a while now of having title pages for each section, so this might work nicely with how I present the previous sections – you’ll see what I mean when it’s ready. this’ll work nicely if I ever get round to doing a printed version, with the sections going all the up to 12 – with twelve being a graphic of a twelve inch record. Nice, eh? anyway, i’m giving too much away…

The song for section two is also ready too, though still needs mastering. Its a little different from anything i’ve done before, but I think it works and goes nicely with the section thematically. It was actually one of the original things I wrote that inspired the whole project – whilst on a rainy walk in Wales…


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